Welcome to the Laboratory for Quantum Information with Trapped Ions (QITI) of Prof. K. Rajibul Islam! We are a predominantly experimental research group at the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Laser-cooled trapped ions are among the most pristine and controllable quantum systems. Research performed in Prof. Islam’s group is currently focused on the following:

  • Quantum simulation: The QITI laboratory is building a programmable trapped-ion quantum simulator with 171Yb+ qubits, with optical controls at the level of individual ions for studying problems in quantum many-body physics and computation.
  • QuantumION: In collaboration with Prof. Crystal Senko’s group and supported by Transformative Quantum Technologies (TQT) , we are building an open-access, remotely operable trapped-ion quantum computer (QuantumION). The hardware is based on up to sixteen 133Ba+ ion-qubits.
  • Quantum simulation algorithms: We research on classical and quantum algorithms to make quantum simulation more efficient, e.g. by using modern machine learning methods. We collaborate with the Perimeter Institute Quantum Intelligence Laboratory

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We acknowledge financial support from University of Waterloo, NSERC, Government of Ontario, US ARO, and Transformative Quantum Technologies (TQT, CFREF).

Recent Publications

Reprogrammable and high-precision holographic optical addressing of trapped ions for scalable quantum control

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Programmable Quantum Simulations of Spin Systems with Trapped Ions

C. Monroe, W. C. Campbell, L. M. Duan, Z. X. Gong, A. V. Gorshkov, P. Hess, R. Islam, K. Kim, G. Pagano, P. Richerme, C. Senko, and N. Y. Yao.
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Manipulating phonons of a trapped-ion system using optical tweezers

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