Welcome to the Laboratory for Quantum Information with Trapped Ions (QITI) of Prof. K. Rajibul Islam! We are a predominantly experimental research group at the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Laser-cooled trapped ions are among the most pristine and controllable quantum systems. Research performed in Prof. Islam’s group is currently focused on the following:

  • Quantum simulation: The QITI laboratory is building a programmable trapped-ion quantum simulator with 171Yb+ qubits, with optical controls at the level of individual ions for studying problems in quantum many-body physics and computation.
  • QuantumION: In collaboration with Prof. Crystal Senko’s group and supported by Transformative Quantum Technologies (TQT) , we are building QuantumION, a trapped-ion quantum simulator/computer based on a chain of 133Ba+ ions. 133Ba+ is regarded as the ‘Goldilocks qubit’ for their many wonderful properties including long lived metastable states, availability of spin-1/2 hyperfine qubits, and optical transitions in the visible range.
  • Quantum simulation algorithms: We research on classical and quantum algorithms to make quantum simulation more efficient, e.g. by using modern machine learning methods. We collaborate with the Perimeter Institute Quantum Intelligence Laboratory

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We acknowledge financial support from University of Waterloo, NSERC, Government of Ontario, US ARO, and Transformative Quantum Technologies (TQT, CFREF).

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image from 06 Aug 2021 - Gilbert receives IQC Achievement Award!

06 Aug 2021 - Gilbert receives IQC Achievement Award!

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image from 20 Jul 2021 - Nikhil wins best presenter award at nationwide CAP congress competition!

20 Jul 2021 - Nikhil wins best presenter award at nationwide CAP congress competition!

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Recent Publications

Fast and high-yield fabrication of axially symmetric ion-trap needle electrodes via two step electrochemical etching

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Ion Trap Long-Range XY Model for Quantum State Transfer and Optimal Spatial Search

Dylan Lewis, Leonardo Banchi, Yi Hong Teoh, Rajibul Islam, and Sougato Bose.
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Limits on atomic qubit control from laser noise

Matthew L. Day, Pei Jiang Low, Brendan M White, Rajibul Islam, and Crystal Senko.
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