Undergraduate Research Associate

Gaurav Tathed

Gaurav is pursuing Bachelors’s Degree in Physics and Astronomy for the University of Waterloo. In the Spring 2020 term, he was working in the QITI group as an undergraduate co-op student. Gaurav is using COMSOL software to investigate noise sources in ion-traps, in particular the thermal effect of radio-frequency voltages on the trapping apparatus.

What Gaurav loves about his internship at QITI is how it allows him to learn about ion trapping, and its wide range of applications in different fields ranging from Quantum Computing to High energy physics. Other than physics, Gaurav loves to understand how things work and engineering behind it. For example, as a high school student in India, Gaurav built a CNC plotter using CD players (this project was exhibited in the Nehru Science Center, Mumbai) and an algorithm for traffic signals which uses live time traffic updates. He also likes to sketch and play tennis.