Graduate Student

Dr. Manas Sajjan

I am very interested in the interplay of the quantum and statistical physics at mesoscopic and nanoscopic length scale especially emergence of thermodynamic or statistical irreversibility from reversible quantal dynamics. My PhD was in modelling quantum transport across single molecular junctions, a highly non-equilibrium phenomenon, using electronic structure and convex optimization. Currently, I am invested in exploring the rich frontiers of QI in an AMO physical platform like trapped ions. I was responsible for fabricating the trap electrodes, for making the RF resonator and associated circuitry and for designing the repumping optics all of which were essential for making the first ion-trapping apparatus in the group, a four-rod trap with which we have successfully trapped several ions. Presently I am also dabbling in theoretical proposals for testing quantum fluctuation theorems using hybrid ion traps.

I enjoy reading and watching thrillers and occasionally I write and paint too.