Pre-prints and journal articles

[2021] Programmable Quantum Simulations of Spin Systems with Trapped Ions

C. Monroe, W. C. Campbell, L. M. Duan, Z. X. Gong, A. V. Gorshkov, P. Hess, R. Islam, K. Kim, G. Pagano, P. Richerme, C. Senko, N. Y. Yao.
Reviews of Modern Physics 93, 2 (2021)         arXiv:1912.07845

[2018] Single-Atom Heat Machines Enabled by Energy Quantization

D. Gelbwaser-Klimovsky, A. Bylinskii, D. Gangloff, R. Islam, A. Aspuru-Guzik, V. Vuletic.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 170601 (2018)         arXiv:1705.11180


Previous work of Prof. Islam (MIT, Harvard, Maryland)

[2016] Ultra-precise holographic beam shaping for microscopic quantum control

P. Zupancic, P. M. Preiss, R. Ma, A. Lukin, M. Eric Tai, M. Rispoli, R. Islam, M. Greiner.
Opt. Express 24, 13881 (2016)         arXiv:1604.07653

[2015] Measuring entanglement entropy in a quantum many-body system

R. Islam, R. Ma, P. M. Preiss, M. Eric Tai, A. Lukin, M. Rispoli, M. Greiner.
Nature 528, 77-83 (2015)         arXiv:1509.01160

[2015] Strongly correlated quantum walks in optical lattices

P. M. Preiss, R. Ma, M. E. Tai, A. Lukin, M. Rispoli, P. Zupancic, Y. Lahini, R. Islam, M. Greiner.
Science 347, 1229-1233 (2015)         arXiv:1409.3100

[2014] Beat note stabilization of mode-locked lasers for quantum information processing

R. Islam, W. C. Campbell, T. Choi, S. M. Clark, C. W. S. Conover, S. Debnath, E. E. Edwards, B. Fields, D. Hayes, D. Hucul, I. V. Inlek, K. G. Johnson, S. Korenblit, A. Lee, K. W. Lee, T. A. Manning, D. N. Matsukevich, J. Mizrahi, Q. Quraishi, C. Senko, J. Smith, C. Monroe.
Opt. Lett. 39, 3238 (2014)         arXiv:1312.6846

[2013] Quantum Catalysis of Magnetic Phase Transitions in a Quantum Simulator

P. Richerme, C. Senko, S. Korenblit, J. Smith, A. Lee, R. Islam, W. C. Campbell, C. Monroe.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 100506 (2013)         arXiv:1303.6983

[2013] Emergence and Frustration of Magnetism with Variable-Range Interactions in a Quantum Simulator

R. Islam, C. Senko, W. C. Campbell, S. Korenblit, J. Smith, A. Lee, E. E. Edwards, C. C. J. Wang, J. K. Freericks, C. Monroe.
Science 340, 583-587 (2013)         arXiv:1210.0142

[2012] Quantum simulation of spin models on an arbitrary lattice with trapped ions

S Korenblit, D Kafri, W C Campbell, R Islam, E E Edwards, Z-X Gong, G-D Lin, L-M Duan, J Kim, K Kim, C. Monroe.
New Journal of Physics 14, 095024 (2012)         arXiv:1201.0776

[2011] Onset of a quantum phase transition with a trapped ion quantum simulator

R. Islam, E. Edwards, K. Kim, S. Korenblit, C. Noh, H. Carmichael, G. Lin, L. Duan, C. Joseph Wang, J. Freericks, C. Monroe.
Nat Commun 2, 377 (2011)         arXiv:1103.2400

[2010] Quantum simulation and phase diagram of the transverse-field Ising model with three atomic spins

E. E. Edwards, S. Korenblit, K. Kim, R. Islam, M. Chang, J. K. Freericks, G. Lin, L. Duan, C. Monroe.
Physical Review B 82, 6 (060412) (2010)         arXiv:1005.4160

[2010] Quantum simulation of frustrated Ising spins with trapped ions

K. Kim, M. Chang, S. Korenblit, R. Islam, E. E. Edwards, J. K. Freericks, G. Lin, L. Duan, C. Monroe.
Nature 465, 590-593 (2010)         arXiv:1912.07845

[2009] Large-scale quantum computation in an anharmonic linear ion trap

G. Lin, S. Zhu, R. Islam, K. Kim, M. Chang, S. Korenblit, C. Monroe, L. Duan.
Europhys. Lett. 86, 60004 (2009)         arXiv:0901.0579